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We love that you’re getting your paperwork together 🙂 It makes things so much easier for you when you’ve got your documents up front and we’re able to review everything ahead of time! Once we have your application we can give you a list of paperwork that’s specific to you. For the serious go getter, here’s a reference list to get you started:

  • letter from your employer stating your position, length of time employed and guaranteed wage. It will need to be on company letterhead and be signed with contact information for the lender to call and verify the contents of the letter if necessary.
  • recent paystub confirming the contents of the employment letter
  • your notice of assessment for the previous two years (If you’re reading this at the beginning of the year and don’t have a notice of assessment for the previous year yet, you can use your last paystub for the previous year showing the year to date income, or your T4 slip from your employer)
  • proof of your down payment by way of a recent 90 day history of the account(s) that the money is saved in. Printouts from online banking are great, we just need to be able to show that the account belongs to you.
  • for any amounts that are being gifted, we will provide you with the appropriate gift letter once we know where we will be getting your mortgage from. (If your down payment is from a source that is neither saved nor gifted, just let us know where it’s coming from and we’ll tell you what documents we’ll need)
  • VOID cheque (or pre-authorized debit form) for the account you’d like your mortgage payments to come from
  • recent mortgage statements for any properties that you own. The statements will need to show the address of the property along with the mortgage details.
  • property tax statements for any properties that you own showing amounts paid in full.
If you’re self employed and you’d like to know what documents you’ll need to confirm your income, click here.


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