Hey kids,
Take a quick look at that little gadget above. Did you notice anything? Look closer. Okay, we’ll tell you: it’s a payment genie. Our lawyers made us call it a “mortgage calculator,” but it actually works like a genie. Go ahead, give it a try. Step #1: enter your numbers. Step #2: gently rub the area just underneath the ‘calculate’ button for 3 seconds, in a circular, counterclock-wise motion only. (Don’t ask: being a genie, it’s a bit of a diva.) Step #3: click ‘calculate.’

Heads up: Like all genies, the payment genie will give you the big picture (i.e. an idea of what a mortgage payment might be). Details? Fuhgeddaboudit. It can’t be bothered by details. (Apparently it’s a diva-ish thing to do). But hey, worry none. You leave the details to us. Simply contact us to get the personalized version that includes all the little details the payment genie could not be bothered with. Even if we could fit it all, we’d still rather have a conversation to hear about what you want. Wouldn’t you rather do that, too?

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